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Tooth Decay Where Does It Start?

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Submitted by: Dr. Vito Clarizio

Sometime in our lifetime, the majority of us will deal with cavities and the dental procedures that correct them. But did you know that up until the 1900s, cavities were almost non-existent? Up until that time, many people dealt with gum disease but very few had cavities, and the reason is simple. Until the invention of Coca Cola and other sweet treats, most Americans consumed very little sugar, and if they did, it was eaten at mealtime in the form of a piece of pie or other dessert. And sugar is the major contributing factor to dental caries (tooth decay).

People who have diets that contain no fermented sugar don t deal with cavities because plaque, which is always forming on your teeth, loves to feed on sugars from the food you eat. The bacteria in the plaque, combined with the sugar in foods, create an acid that attacks your teeth for up to twenty minutes or more after you have eaten.

Most people have some form of sugar in their diets, but it s imperative to understand that leaving the sugar on your teeth will destroy the enamel and result in a cavity. Therefore, if you have to consume a candy bar, a can of Coke or some other sweet treat, brush almost immediately to deprive the plaque of feeding on your sweet treat as well.

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Unsweetened fruit juices, honey and raisins even though they are healthier forms of treats have the same effect as refined sugar because of the concentrated natural sugars they contain. Other culprits that we might not suspect as causing tooth decay are cough drops, wine and even chewing tobacco, which is cured in sugar. Again, using these products doesn t cause the damage to your teeth if you are in the habit of brushing almost immediately after they have been in your mouth.

Diet drinks and other beverages that are sweetened with artificial sweeteners do not cause dental caries because the plaque cannot turn the sweetener into the acids that attack your teeth. Fresh fruit is a good sweet treat because the natural sugar doesn t stay on your teeth due to the fiber in the fruit, which washes the sugar off your teeth.

Because it is the ongoing exposure of the sugar to the bacteria in your mouth that creates the process that causes cavities, the habit of sipping a sweetened soft drink or even a cup of sweetened coffee or tea throughout the day, is very damaging to your teeth as well. If you take a sip of soda, the bacteria in your mouth will enjoy a feast for up to twenty minutes as it metabolizes the sugar in the drink into the acid that destroys your tooth enamel. Then a half hour later, you take another sip and the bacteria once again flies into action.

There is good news, however. If you eat your sweet treats with your meals instead of in between, the result is almost no exposure of the bacteria to the sugar, which combines with the other foods in your meal and the process of eating takes the sugars out of your mouth and into your digestive system.

I realize that many of us have a sweet tooth and discontinuing eating sugar probably isn t going to happen. But when you do consume it, make sure you brush your teeth as soon as you can and try to get away from the habit of ongoing sipping or nibbling of sweet treats all through the day. And maintain normal dental hygiene of brushing your teeth each morning and evening, flossing, and visiting your dentist on a regular basis.

About the Author: After graduating as a Doctor of Medical Dentistry in 1988 Dr. Vito Clarizio started his own practice in Whitestone, NY and has been in private practice in this location for over 20 years. He is loved by both his patients and his staff.



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Submitted by: Pradeep Srivastava MD

As the importance of cardiology is increasing with every passing day, and so is the popularity of world famous doctor, Pradeep Srivastava, MD. A FACC fellow of American College of Cardiology, Dr. Srivastava is the leading provider of internal medicine and cardiology for the residents of Greenbelt, MD and Washington, D.C. The primary aim of this doctor is to help the patients to deal with their current congestive heart failure. He can be your best guide, if you are suffering from heart murmurs, chest pain, atrial fibrillation and more such conditions, which might affect cardiovascular system of patients.

A board certified personality

Well, Pradeep Srivastava, Cardiologist is a board certified cardiologist, besides he is also Board certified in Internal Medicine and Interventional Cardiology ready to help patients with any kind of heart ailments, and additional internal medical help. He is a trained expert with so many years of experience, in his kitty. Well, Dr. Srivastava is board certified in the field of cardiology from the American Board of Medical Specialties. Furthermore, he has other certifications in cardiovascular disease from the American Board of Internal Medicine. These certificates mark as proof of his amazing journey towards medical history.

Working with an experienced team:

Dr. Srivastava is further defined as board certified member in the field of cardiology, internal medicine and interventional cardiology. He is known to have completed Cardiology Fellowship from the George Washington University. After that, he continued his field of internal medicine training at SUNY University, at Buffalo Medicinal School. The Pradeep Srivastava, MD, cardiologist, DC is primarily committed to provide patients with promising care, and work with each patient carefully, his main aim is to clearly look at each patient separately, and provide personalized care if needed. He always believes that each patient needs to be treated carefully and separately, to match his or her individual needs. His high quality and personalized care makes him completely different from the rest.

Comfort is the ultimate mission

The main aim of Dr. Srivastava is to provide patient with ultimate care. For that, he is ready to go for that extra edge, and work hard, day and night. While in his practicing sessions, he has already treated different types of patients, suffering from multiple problems. Therefore, working on any of our cases will not be a difficult task for him. He is ready to welcome all kinds of patients, both new and old ones. Moreover, he is known for accepting major forms of medical insurances from the patient parties.

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Services he can encounter and solve

The famous and renowned Pradeep Srivastava, MD Maryland is known to function on various types of problems. It does not matter how crucial or simple the task is, as he is ready to provide only positive results to clients. Whether you are looking for syncope to atrial fibrillation, stress testing or even heart murmur, you can receive the best treatment from this doctor. Moreover, this cardiologist will further help those patients, suffering from congestive heart failure. There are some different treatments, associated with Vertigo patients, as well. For that, you must consult Dr. Srivastava first. He is ready to help you with separate treatments for blocked arteries of Heart and legs or neck and chest pain.

He provides following services at his office and or at the Cardiac Catheterization Lab of reputed George Washington university Hospital in DC-

1. EKG

2. 2 Dimensional Echo Cardiogram

3. Nuclear and Echo Stress test

4. Second opinion on Cardiology and Internal medicine issues

5. Complete DOT physical Exam including in house Blood testing.

6. Age appropriate vaccinations

7. Pulmonary function testing

8. arotid and Leg Doppler studies looking for Narrowed arteries.

9. Cardiac catheterization and Coronary Stenting

10. 24 hours Holter and wireless Electronic event monitoring for Dizziness and Palpitation symptoms.

11. Leg and Peripheral Angiogram and Angioplasty/Stent/Rota bladder procedure

12. Complete Electrophysiology and Pacemaker/AICD Defibrillator Care.

His caring compassionate nature and religious beliefs that drive him to do more philanthropic deeds.

About the Author: William Sith is a professional author who has written many articles on various topics & this time writing article on Pradeep Srivastava, MD. For more details please visit :


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