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Would you like to replace your steel cabinet with digital copies of contracts instead? Most jobs are done online anyway.

The need for contract management software came about as a digitized way to keep track of your clientele without the hassle of keeping reams and folders of paper works. With several jobs now available online, even contracts are kept, sifted and negotiated online as well. Good contract management software worth recommending is Reniew Software, a pretty slick apparatus now available for purchase to serve your documentation and contract management services online. Instead of a steel cabinet or a rickety drawer that contained thick folders of client profiles and contracts subject to renewal, everything is organized in this software for easier tracking. It updates you a lot quicker in terms of contract renewal notifications especially when the expiry dates is less than a week away. The contract management process after all is no longer exclusive to just years and months.

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In the Reniew Dashboard Home Screen, you see the top 20 customers, top 20 vendors and top 20 distributors. What does this data do for you? This is where you create your own database of vendors, distributors and products for contracting. This user-friendly interface of Reniew Software makes the contract management process easier since some buttons on the same row as that of the Reniew logo guide you to explore first the software. Click About Reniew Software to get an in-depth analysis of our product. Click Watch Tutorial Videos to learn the contract management process step-by-step. Click Download User Manual so that you can print your own copy of the contract management system itself for you to skim and digest.

At the leftmost side of the dashboard is the navigation outline for Reniew Software. Click Contracts to view your documented clientele. This serves as your contract workflow. Under Contracts you will see the list of clients subject to renewal in 90 days or less. Click one of the clients names to view what details do the negotiation contain when was the contract started, where did the client get billed for the contract and if payment was already posted for the contract. At the right side of the clients information screen are buttons labeled as Show Invoice, Reniew Contract and Will Not Reniew. Its a no-frills system, one where you do not have to deal with complicated computer language; all you have to do is renew contracts based on terms and conditions agreed upon with the client. If some terms still apply, good for you. If the client chose not to renew the contract despite negotiations, you can move on with getting new clients instead using the database. Database updates come easy with a contract management system like Reniew Software.

Reniew is the software choice for companies today who would like to push forward with having their client database automated for easier safekeeping. Regardless of the contract or industry that the clientele belonged to, contract management software like Reniew would help you in maintaining a loyal customer base and finding new customer and clients. Just click Start Your Trial in order to enjoy convenient methods of renewing and managing contracts the Reniew way.

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