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Breast Cancer, What Are The Symptoms

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Breast Cancer, What Are The Symptoms



Breast cancer is a type of cancer that develops in the cells of breasts and although it is common in women, it also affects men. It is the second most common cancer after lung cancer and it typically starts with a lump and if unchecked could spread beyond the breast. When this happens it will be called metastatic breast cancer and will affect areas such as the bones, the liver, lungs and the brain. Early diagnosis is therefore paramount for survival Other than the lump, the other indicators of breast cancer may include change of the size and shape of the breast, change in tenderness, nipple discharge and skin dimpling.

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It is also crucial to note that not every lump is a sign of cancer but as a precaution it is important to see a physician when one notices an unusual growth especially in the breast. Experts say that breast cancer is as a result of environmental as well as hereditary factors. It also said that the risk of this type of cancer gradually increases with age. Other factors known to increase the risk of breast cancer are early puberty, late menopause and not having a first child after the age of 30.Research also shows that the risk is lower if a woman has a short menstrual life or gets a first child before the age of 18.

Globally, the number of women with breast cancer is more than twice the number of women who have cervical and colorectal cancer. In comparison with lung cancer the number of women with breast cancer is about three times more.

Breast cancer is a life threatening condition and early detection through screening, mammograms and self examination are critical. There are two types of tumors that are benign and malignant. Benign tumors do not spread while malignant tumors are made up of cells that can spread and damage other parts of the body. Treatment of breast cancer varies from patient to patient but normally it involves surgery then followed by a combination of chemotherapy, hormonal and radiation therapy.

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